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In a world where we’re told to keep our head down and not make eye contact with strangers, we are gradually growing further and further apart from each other, despite being a click away from one another.

We dehumanise traumatic events, tell ourselves our problems are not important, that someone else is suffering more. We cry ourselves to sleep, bite our tongues and carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

‘Vulnerabilities’ shines light on the deeper issues at hand, a friendly reminder that we all know pain and suffering.

Home is where the hatred is. It’s also a personal place where we hide. Hide from the world outside, hide from our family, hide from ourselves. We lie in bed at night with the lights off, white noise in our minds while voices tick over our nightmares and secrets.
‘Vulnerabilities’ speaks truth. Sad and depressing truths.

However, we find that although we all experience a magnitude of different events, and are all put in extremely tough situations, we often experience similar fates.

Find comfort in discomfort. Vulnerabilities is an installation created by Britt Westaway based off anonymous survey responses captured across Melbourne, Sydney and the U.S.A.


Wow what a conversation starter. Such a safe space too.
— Anonymous
This is so powerful
— Anonymous
What a great need to be exposed to different things.
— Anonymous